Frontline Protection Group conduct mobile patrols 365 days a year to protect assets, property and persons for both short and long term clients. All vehicles are equipped with compliance of two way radio and mobile phone communications via the Monitoring Centre and are fitted with GPS for a quick response. All vehicles are tracked and monitored for safety and security.


We have extensive experience and can patrol any business, residential and private premises 365 days a week on a 24 hour basis. Once an alarm activation is received at the alarm Monitoring Centre, our mobile patrol(s) will be contacted and attend to the situation immediately.


Regular mobile patrol routes can be established at random times and can respond to specific and identified threats. Random patrols will be conducted to check doors, windows, assets, property, fence lines and gates and even lock up and open up of premises.


We can use data wands or patrol loggers that can be located throughout your premises and when the guard conducts a patrol, the date / time and location will be recorded. This information can be downloaded and kept on record and forwarded onto the client.


Services for:


Residential (High Rise)

Private residences

Corporate businesses

Small Business

Vacant Premises – Factories, corporate and residential.

Alarm Response

Office Areas

Retirement Villages

Construction sites

Residential Estates

Residential Housing

Industrial Estates

Government Sites