Drug and Alcohol Screening

Frontline Protection Group have authorised and qualified alcohol and drug screeners that can conduct onsite screening at inductions and onsite at work sites. All screeners are qualified and have completed training and are certified as authorised screeners in accordance with the Australian Standards. The course is nationally accredited, and is one of only four available in Australia that meets the requirements of AS/NZS4308:2008 (urine testing) and AS4760:2006 (oral fluids testing).  A Statement of Attainment is issued upon successful completion of the course to the screeners.

Our screeners can attend your premises, business, industrial, production or mine site to conduct alcohol and drug screening of employees, visitors, contractors and staff. The aim is to provide a safe environment to all persons onsite and to reduce accidents and incidents.

Testing is conducted randomly to detect and deter persons under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. Reasons why drug and alcohol screening is conducted:

  • To prevent a person that is not “Fit for work” from entering a site;
  • Operating plant and equipment;
  • Performing work duties;
  • Reduce insurance claims;
  • Ensure safety of all persons on site and premises;
  • Conditions of employment;
  • Enforce the “Fit for Work Policy”;
  • Operators of plant, equipment and vehicles;
  • Provide a safe environment;
  • Prevent workplace accidents;
  • Reduce risks and hazards;
  • Post incident / accident procedures.

How the test works

Persons are selected at random and are tested by breath analysis, urine or swab test. A member or representative of the organisation will be present to ensure all formalities and legals are covered. All occurrences and results are recorded in logs and reports and are kept for the history of the individual.


If you wish to implement drug and alcohol screening in your workplace and have no current policies or procedures, Frontline Protection Group can compile procedures and policies to suit your needs.