All Frontline Protection Group guards hold valid and security licences in accordance with the NSW Security Industry Act.  Our guards remain discreet and covert, blending into the surroundings by wearing plain clothes and conducting transfers, pickups and banking in unmarked vehicles.


All vehicles are equipped with receptables, are tracked using GPS, are fitted with duress buttons, two way radios and mobile phones. All vehicles report to control when calling on and off site. Log books and dockets are used to track and account for all collections and deliveries.


Current services provided are:


  • Collectables and valuables transfer;
  • Unmarked and plain clothed vehicle escorts (product / valuables);
  • Cash in transit / banking / currency supply
  • Collections and deliveries to and from cargo and airline facilities.
  • Risk Assessments for aCIT and valuables transfer.


Frontline Protection Group can store products, valuables and cash in a reinforced storage vault made of concrete with reinforced steel entry doors that is under constant CCTV surveillance, limited and restricted access control via swipe cards and alarm monitored. Safes and cabinets are available on sites for storage of Items. There is availability of secured drive- in loading and unloading bay with access directly into the vault.


We can collect an item from your site or elsewhere for delivery to its destination or provide safe secure storage in the vault until it is needed.